If You Want LOLS On Valentines Day – Send A Bag Of Dicks

We’ve written about this website, or really more specifically the domain, BagOfDicks.com before. Four years ago we wrote about BagOfDicks.com as being a clever use of what might be considered an “adult domain name” in a non-adult manner. At that time there was just a landing page and a sign-up form announcing what it is the site was eventually going to allow people to do. That “thing”, is to send someone a bag of dicks in the mail as a joke.

BagOfDicks.com In 2013

BagOfDicks.com In 2013

That was 2013, and about two years later in 2015, a bartender in Canada named Brady Grumpelt saw the landing page on BagOfDicks.com and decided to do the exact same thing, basically. That resulted in his version going viral and within 72 hours he had sold more than $150,000 in candy dicks. Overwhelmed with orders and unable to keep up with it, ultimately he ended up selling the site for what is estimated to be something in the $250,000 range. He’s since gone on to other entrepreneurial ventures. It’s a lesson for certain for the founders of BagOfDicks.com, since they originally had the idea in 2013, had owned the domain for years prior to that, and someone executed on their idea more quickly, well two years later, and scored big.

Fast forward to today and it seems like the 2017 version of BagOfDicks.com has brought to market a pretty hilarious way to prank a friend, family member, colleague or frenemy. It is certainly very different than what anyone else in the “candy dick gag gift ecosystem” is offering.

2017 BagOfDicks.com

2017 BagOfDicks.com

Not only is BagOfDicks.com allowing people to send a bag of dicks anonymously (if one chooses not to take credit for it) to any recipient for $20 within the USA, but this prank goes pretty far down the rabbit hole and really messes with the recipient.

How Do You Blow Someones Mind With A Bag Of Dicks?

First off, when you receive a bag of dicks from BagOfdicks.com, the first thing you will notice when you open it, is that there’s not only a bag of candy dicks staring at you, but there’s a really funny BagOfDicks.com jingle blaring at max volume in the background. It plays automatically when the box is opened.  The jingle is catchy, and in part because there’s a notecard that has the lyrics written on it that allows one to sing-along, or “Dick-Along” as the note card says, this jingle really gets stuck in your head easily.

However before you even get to that part, let’s take a step back and explain why this is even more of an awesome prank. Now when your Bag Of Dicks arrives in the mail, it comes in a professional looking shipping bag. It has fragile stickers all over it. The shipping label doesn’t say Bag Of Dicks. No, instead it has a name for an exclusive jewelry store for men and women on it. Why BagOfDicks.com does this will be explained in a moment, but they asked us to not reveal the name of the jewelry store or its website.

So after one sees the shipping label and digs into the package, they will find another bubble mailer inside that has a white gift box inside it that contains the bag of dicks. The bubble mailer has a label on it for this fictitious jewelry store. BagOfDicks.com has gone super meta and went so far as to create a website for this ficticious high end jewelry store, which even has a toll free 888 number one can call and leave a voicemail on. It is all very very convincing.

For the recipient, all of this creates a dramatic build-up and anticipation for some really fancy amazing gift inside. So naturally when someone finally opens the box to find a singing bag of candy dicks, in the words of BagOfDicks.com Co-Founder Scott Caan (no relation to the actor), “It Blows-Peoples Friggin Minds!!”.

Is This The Best Bag Of Dicks Prank there Is?

We’ve got to say, we really think so. To be honest of all of the different types of pranks and gag gifts one could play on a person, especially for $20, this is pretty amazing. According to Caan, since they’ve launched they have already sold more than 3,000 “units”. Yes, that was a pun. Since they had the landing page in place starting in 2013 where visitors could register to get notified when the site went live, they ended up with an opt-in email database of more than 26,000 people hungry for candy dicks. Apparently the domain itself gets somewhere between 80 to 200 type-in visitors a day, that certainly doesn’t hurt and so far the majority of orders are coming from referrals or even people who received a Bag Of Dicks themselves. Orders as of the first week of February were now consistently averaging about 50 a day and building. They have seen spikes as high as 250 in a single day. According to Caan, they’re up to their elbows in candy dicks at BagOfDicks.com HQ.

When asked whether BagOfDicks.com has concern about people using this service to harass or bully people, Caan said that they do in fact have concern about that. Which is why each order and any message going out with an order is reviewed by someone. Of the more than 3,000 orders since launch, only 3 were rejected by the company for being abusive or bullying.

According to Caan, “The worst thing we’ve ever seen and allowed to go through, was when a woman sent one to her ex-husbands new wife, whom he apparently had an affair with, thanking her for taking him off her hands. There was also something unflattering about his package in the note as well. It was very Jerry Springer.”

According to the company, 90% of the time people are not sending their products anonymously, and to date, excluding three different occasions, it is always seems to be in good fun. BagOfDicks.com wouldn’t disclose exactly what the notes said that lead to the 3 orders being rejected, but cataogarized it as, “harsh and verbally abusive, jilted lovers most likely”.

Who Are These People Sending Bags Of Singing Candy Dicks?

So who are the people buying a Bag Of Dicks exactly? According to the sites co-founder, it is all over the place. Youngest customer is 18, which is the minimum age required in order to use the service, the oldest so far is 78. BagOfDicks.com was however surprised by the amount of BOD’s being sent from cops and detectives to one another, AT WORK! Car dealers are also receiving a fair amount of BOD’s, mostly from employees pranking one another.

According to Caan, “I would estimate that cops, fire-fighters, nurses, doctors and active duty and retired veterans make up about 30% of all orders. The emails we get from cops sending these to one another at work are hysterical.”

Can You Send A Bag Of Dicks To President Trump?

Wondering if there’s anyone that BagOfDicks.com is not willing to send these to? There is now… President Donald J. Trump.

The company got a warning from “someone” that they should not allow people to order and send BOD’s to POTUS. BagOfDicks.com wouldn’t disclose who it was that warned them, but simply said the warning was serious enough to warrant them to no longer allow people to send them to President Trump. There’s a clear notification on the site before anyone can complete an order.

According to Caan, “We’re probably passing up a lot of money by not shipping to President Trump at the White House, but yeah we think it’s for the best. Things are pretty cray cray there right now, we’re not trying to get on Trump’s shit list, so he’s coming off of our dick list.”

With respect to anyone else sending them any angry emails, the worst of it was from someone who got a Bag Of Dicks that didn’t reveal who the sender was nor did it include a note. That person wrote in and simply said, “I don’t give a flying shit about your privacy policy, who sent me these F%$$%%# dicks?”. BagOfDicks.com refuses to reveal who sends out their dicks, and has even structured their holding company in such a manner that it will prevent it from ever having to do so.

At $20 a pop this might not be something that most could afford to send to as many people as they might want to. When asked if they plan to offer a frequent buyer card or bulk discounts, Caan replied with, “Right now we’re just focused on keeping up with current orders, improving the product and experience and getting even more creative with the website. These dicks are flying off our shelves as quickly as we can make them, but in time I’m sure we will have something in place for people who want to be able to share in this laughter with more and more people.”

Want to check it out for yourself, here’s a link to BagOfDicks.com.