Best Use Of An “Adult Domain” In A Non-Adult Way?

September 6th, 2013

Written by Brad Hayes

Adult domains, what are they really worth these days? The online adult entertainment industry is in what some would describe as an ugly turf war. Domain extensions (such as .xxx) in a battle with content providers, the industry has seen more “roll-ups” (short for larger companies buying out their smaller competitors) than any other industry in recent history.

Sure it has always been a taboo subject and business since the early days of the internet when people would cut nude pictures or hard core pornography out of magazines and then scan them by hand, effectively publishing copyrighted material with reckless abandon.

On the domain channel and aftermarket side of the business, the resale value of premium domains has been reduced greatly because the parking revenue opportunities just aren’t what they used to be. So that basically leaves domain investors and or speculators who don’t want to actually get involved with the hardcore porn business model up a creek without a paddle.

In an attempt to keep this article as safe for work as possible, let us remind you kind readers that the letters D-I-C-K, they can be strung together to represent someones name, or an old school term for a detective and so on.

So with that, we would like to introduce you to the most hilarious use of what could be considered an adult domain name ever., is a website landing page that seems to be announcing a humorous service that promises to help people give one another the gift of laughter by sending a friend, family member of colleague a brown paper bag full of Dicks.

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 2.31.03 PM

(We’re trying to keep this out of the NSFW arena)

Apparently when the service officially launches it will offer individuals the ability, for just $25, to send someone this “gift” who upon receipt of their package (so many pun opportunities here) will crack up in incredible ‘pee-your-pants’ laughter” or so it says on the website.

The site cleverly asks the visitor to do the following.

“Ask yourself the following questions:

Who do I know that would just crack up in incredible “pee-your-pants” laughter if they received a brown bag of dicks in the mail?

Is this laughter, mine or theirs, worth $25?

Do I want to make myself crack up like crazy and have a bag of dicks sent to my door every month?”

That last question makes me wonder if the people behind the website who describe themselves as “foolhardy individuals who enjoy practical jokes and encourage people to engage in rabble-rousing, tomfoolery whenever possible”, think that maybe there’s another market for the service that isn’t just based around “gag-gifts”. Again with the pun opportunities….

The term bag of dicks has been around for some time. It was brought more into the mainstream by comedian Louis CK in recent years. The origin of the term and its first use is unknown for certain, but it is rumored to have first been said by a person in anger. Historians firmly believe that the geographic location of its first use was within either Boston, New York City or Boca Raton, Florida.

This domain has been registered since 2001, which I know might seem surprising. Keep in mind amongst domain investors and web developers there’s a game called “Is it registered”. To play this game you essentially take two or more words and then combine to make some ridiculous domain name. Try it.

We just did and sure enough, is a real website, and and are registered domains. So if you think about it, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this domain has been in someone’s possession for a long time.

We received a link to the site in an email forward with the subject line of:

“HaHa, soo many people are getting this from me for Christmas this year!” 

It is an amusing landing page and concept for certain and depending on how well polished the finished product is, it will certainly be interesting to see if this site becomes a hit or goes bust.

If you have questions the site has the following instructions regarding how they can be reached.

“Press, Business Development or Creepers, if you have questions you can reach us at the email below.”