Soylent Raises $20 Million – Awaits Or A Rebrand

It just became news that Soylent, a very humorously named food start-up just raised a $20 Million round of funding from a bunch of prominent VC’s in California. Previously they had raised an angel round of less than $1.5 Million to see if they could scale the business, and for certain when you raise a […]

DNSR Annual Super Premium Domain Blowout $5M In Inventory

Domainers, Domain Investors, Corporate Buyers And Development Professionals – It’s DNSR’s Annual Year End Sale Note: You’re welcome to make any offer you like, but offers that are low might not get a reply depending simply because of the amount of volume of emails we receive. So our advice is to make a strong offer quickly, we […]

BankRate Insurance Updates Their Misleading Obamacare Website!

BankRate Insurance apparently got word that was receiving some negatively publicity and criticism for its misleading and intentionally consumer confusing design. The website now features a tiny disclaimer disclosing to consumers that it is not in fact a government website, nor, the site it clearly emulates. Kudos for CYA.